Truck twist locks are designed to lock shipping containers to the truck tray during road transport. They are the best way to secure a container, and because of their retractable design, they suit tip tilt trays as well. Truck and Trailer twist locks are ready to be welded straight into any truck bed.

There are two versions of our Truck and Trailer twist locks, short handled and long handled. Operationally the two are the same, the different length handles are to support multiple styles of truck bodies. The longer handled options may be better for truck with tie don rails, but may not be suitable for some tilt trays. Please talk to our experienced sales team as to which option may best suit you and your truck.

Our truck twist locks don’t only get used in the transport industry. A number of our resourcefully customers have utilised the natural benefits of these twist locks in other situations where a container needs to be quickly and easily connected to a frame or a base.

Our Truck and trailer twist locks are of the highest possible quality, and with the help of our friendly and reliable staff, we can find the best solution for you. We pride ourselves on speedy service and can deliver to most capital cities in New Zealand in 2-3 days, but please contact us for an accurate quote.

Our current office is in Auckland, giving us speedy response times across the whole of New Zealand. We regularly supply out of Auckland to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We can easily satisfy orders further into New Zealand, please just allow for a slightly longer lead time.

Download Shipping Container Connections Catalogue PDF

Download Truck and Trailer Twist Lock Drawing PDF

Download Long Handle Truck and Trailer Twist Lock Drawing PDF