What is a twist lock?

A twist lock is a shipping container connection device. They can be used for joining containers together both vertically and horizontally depending on your needs. They are used in shipping and transportation worldwide.

How does a twist lock work?

A twist lock generally has a cone shaped top, which is inserted into the top or bottom Corner Casting and then that cone shaped top is rotated 90 degrees to “lock” in place, so that it cannot be separated from the Corner Casting. Some twist locks have built in levers or mechanisms to do this, while some units may require tools to do so.

Are there different twist locks available?

Yes there are many different twist locks. Some are used for securing containers to trucks and semi-trailers, some for securing containers to ships, others for stacking containers together, both vertically and horizontally. Depending on what your application may be for your shipping container, there is generally a twist lock available to assist you.

How do you join shipping containers together?

There are different units you could use. If you wish to join your containers vertically, you could use either a Double Ended, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic twist lock. If you wish to join your containers together horizontally, you could use a Horizontal twist lock, an Interconnector or Bridge Clamps.

How do I join one shipping container on top of another?

If you want to stack your containers you would use what is called a Double Ended Twist Lock. This is the most common type and is a manual unit. There is also a Semi-Automatic unit and a Fully Automatic unit depending on your application.

Can I bolt my shipping container to the ground?

Yes, you can secure your container to the ground. We have 2 units available which will go under your container. These being our Weldable twist lock or the Boltable twist lock. The Weldable twist lock would be welded to a steel plate cast into your slab or footing. The Boltable twist lock, as the name suggests, would be bolted down to your slab or footing and the container lowered on to the unit. Another option is our patented Side twist lock, which is placed in either the side or end hole (or both) of the Corner Castings and then bolted to the slab or footing. This is done after the container is in place.

How do I bolt a shipping container to the ground?

There are a number of different ways and products to bolt a shipping container down. The most common is by using Boltable or Side twist locks with a concrete footings or piers.

How do I lock a shipping container to my truck?

We have 4 different types of truck trailer twist locks available. Those being the Short Handle (standard) truck twist lock, the Long Handle unit, the Long Pin unit with Spacer Block and the Tilt Tray unit. Depending upon your truck tray or trailer will determine which unit you require.

Can I move my container on wheels?

Yes, you can. We have Container Trolleys and Container Castors available. These have different load ratings, so whether your container is empty or has something in it, we have a unit available for you.

How do I raise my container off the ground?

You can have your shipping container placed on top of brick/concrete footings or some style of footing post.

Do the twist locks come with certification if required?

Yes, if you require certification of the units, we do have the test certificates from our factory.

Is there a minimum quantity that I can order?

No, there is no minimum quantity required. You can order as little or as much as you want.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do. We have shipped units all over the world and do so regularly.