Our corner bolt plates are designed to be very quick and easy to install and allow virtually anything to be connected to a shipping container. The corner bolt plate can be clamped to all ISO standard shipping containers that employs standard corner castings. It clamps into one of the holes in the side of the corner casting.

They have an automatic closing system that means you only need to turn the lock bolt with an Alan key and they do the rest of the work clamping onto a container corner casting. Removal is as quick and easy as installation.

They can be installed either into the side or end holes of a shipping container corner casting.

Once installed our corner bolt plates provide 4 threaded M12 holes that can be used to connect virtually anything to them including such things as aerials, handrails and light poles. You can clamp on what you want once the clamp is firmly attached to the container!

The clamp does not take up much space, even if there is already a twist lock in place securing the container to another one, the clamp will not obstruct it as it presses into the side of the corner casting hole.

You can clamp a corner bolt plate to both corner casting’s side holes, ensuring that a heavier load is securely held in place.

Download shipping container corner bolt plates drawing PDF

Download Shipping Container Connections Catalogue PDF

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