We are the number one supplier of shipping container twist locks and container connection devices to the New Zealand market. As the number one supplier, we can offer you great prices on your twist locks, corner castings, shipping container bridge clamps and more. With our motivated and available staff, we can offer you great turnarounds on delivery to all areas of New Zealand. Our current office is in Auckland, giving us speedy response times across the whole of New Zealand.

Shipping container twist locks are the primary shipping container connection devices. Combined with the shipping container corner casting, they are the reason shipping containers have become such a standardised, safe and reliable way to move cargo around the globe whether it be by sea, rail or road. All of our shipping container twist locks, corner castings and bridge clamps are load rated to comply with the ISO standards, with documentation available on request. We can supply you with all your twist lock, corner casting and shipping container connection solutions.

shipping containers stacked

When stacking two or more shipping containers vertically, in most cases you would use one of our standard double ended twist locks. If you want more than the standard double ended twist lock, we also offer both semi-automatic twist locks and fully automatic twist locks, which are especially handy if you are wanting to reduce the dangers of working at heights around your yard. All three options of double ended vertical stacking solutions are fully ISO compliant and are readily available for you to purchase.

If you have a number of containers lined up side by side or end to end, whether they are double or multi stacked using our double ended twist locks or potentially just singles on the ground, you will most likely need to pull and lock these containers together horizontally. Your most common solution to this horizontal (sideways) connection is the shipping container bridge clamp. The bridge clamp will allow you to pull containers together and hold them firm horizontally. We also have a horizontal twist lock that can provide you with an alternative to the bridge clamp that will give you and even higher horizontal locking capacity.

We regularly supply out of Auckland to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We can easily satisfy orders further into New Zealand, please just allow for a slightly longer lead time.

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