Our shipping container corner trolley has been specifically designed to allow you to manually move a container around a flat surface. Our trolley utilises four castor wheels giving it a load rating of 1 tonne. This gives a combined working load when used in all four corners of four tonnes.

Our shipping container corner trolleys are designed to connect and locking directly into the bottom corner castings of your container so ensuring safety and reliability. Our trolleys incorporate four swivel casters with nylon tread allowing for easy and quiet movement.

Our shipping container corner trolleys can be used on all sizes of container, 10’, 20’ and even 40’ units.

Our current office is in Auckland, giving us speedy response times across the whole of New Zealand. We regularly supply out of Auckland to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We can easily satisfy orders further into New Zealand, please just allow for a slightly longer lead time.

Download Shipping Container Connections Catalogue PDF

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Watch this video to learn about the benefits of using 1T shipping container corner trollies

1T shipping container trollies

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Moving and setting up a 40′ container in a warehouse has been made easier with the use of our 1T shipping container corner trollies. These specialised trollies have been specifically designed to allow manual movement of containers on flat surfaces. Equipped with four castor wheels, these trollies have a load rating of 1 tonne, ensuring that they can handle the weight of the container without compromising safety or stability. By utilizing these trollies, businesses can efficiently manoeuvre containers within their warehouses, optimising space and streamlining operations. The video showcasing the process provides a visual demonstration of how these trollies can facilitate the movement and setup of containers, offering a practical solution for logistical challenges in warehouse environments.