There are a great number of products on the market to lock the doors of your container, but what if you need to stop someone from picking up your entire container, stealing all of your belongings in a single handy package? What you need is the container lock our engineers have developed, a patented locking system that allows you to quickly and easily lock the container down to its footings or to a second container if you have multi stacked containers. Only you will be able to unlock your containers!

For added security in shipping container yards, simply use the container lock to lock your already stacked containers together. It is impossible to transport double stacked containers as they are just too high.

Our container lock is easy to install and can be quickly removed to transport your container. The container lock is available in sets, individually keyed or keyed the same. The container lock is made out of high tensile stainless steel to be both robust and well-guarded against the elements.

As you can see in our photos and demonstration video, our patented container lock works in conjunction with our double ended twist locks, weldable twist locks and boltable twist locks. The Container lock positions in a way that stops the twist lock from being unlocked while the container lock is inserted in the corner casting.

We recommend that a Container Lock is used in all four corners for maximum defence against theft, but a minimum of two container locks in opposite corners can keep your container safe.

Our Shipping container twist lock lock are of the highest possible quality, and with the help of our friendly and reliable staff, we can find the best solution for you. We pride ourselves on speedy service and can deliver to most capital cities in New Zealand in 2-3 days, but please contact us for an accurate quote.

Our current office is in Auckland, giving us speedy response times across the whole of New Zealand. We regularly supply out of Auckland to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We can easily satisfy orders further into New Zealand, please just allow for a slightly longer lead time.

Download Shipping Container Connections Catalogue PDF

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