Our Side Twist locks are a one of a kind. Specially engineered by our experienced engineering team, the Side twist lock has been specifically developed to lock down containers that are already in position. The unique patented design is easily installed into the side or end hole of a shipping container corner casting, it has no moving parts, built from ZG 270/500 steel and is hot dipped galvanised.

The Side twist lock allows you to take delivery of your container on a tilt tray rather than a side loader, as the container doesn’t need to be lowered onto the twist lock. It also removes all of the concern over positioning your twist locks in the exact right position before your container arrives. Simply position your container, insert the Side twist lock into the side or end hole of the container corner casting, rotate and bolt into place. It couldn’t be easier.

Side twist locks have often been incorporated into designs at the top of the shipping container as well. Our Side twist locks have been utilised in roofing structures, shade canopies, and for smaller things like a convenient attachment for a long range communication aerial.

Our Side twist locks are of the highest possible quality, and with the help of our friendly and reliable staff, we can find the best solution for you. We pride ourselves on speedy service and can deliver to most capital cities in New Zealand in 2-3 days, but please contact us for an accurate quote.

Our current office is in Auckland, giving us speedy response times across the whole of New Zealand. We regularly supply out of Auckland to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We can easily satisfy orders further into New Zealand, please just allow for a slightly longer lead time.

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